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2800 Tatabánya, Táncsics u. 51.

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Táncsics Mihály Emlékház
Address: 2887 Ácsteszér, Táncsics M. u. 46.
Phone: 34/388-088
Fax: 34/388-088
Open: bejelentkezés alapján
Falusi Vendégház
Address: 8074 Csókakő, Vár út.32.
Phone: 88/473-016,30/418-8933
Homepage: http.//
Open: Egész évben
A kupon nyomtatásához kattintson ide
Services: This guesthouse is situated at the foot of the Vértes Ranges and it contains 3 apartments there is an approximately 50 square metres kitchen – dining room as well as a vaulted wine cellar. There are barbecue facility and rich choice on trekking routes in the region. It is a quiet, peaceful countryside Both the guesthouse and its plot have their flair. Closed yard.
baby friendlyRoom with bathKitchenDogs allowedNon-smokingNo. of rooms/bedsFull boardFor wheelchairHoliday chequeWinecellarFridgeBarbecuePrivate parking facilityTelevisionAngling
Bicycle for hireHorse-ridingSports equipment for hireTourHunting
Duna Múzeum
Address: 2500 Esztergom, Kölcsey u. 2.
Phone: 33/500-250
Fax: 33/500-251
Open: V-X: 9-17; XI-IV: 10-16; januárban zárva,K:Szünnap
Services: The exhibition halls with the history of the Hungarian waters in an understadable and interactive way for everyone. Which can be found in a beautifully renovated Barouqe place. There are operating mock-up-ship lock, turbine wheel, water-mill , traveling by helicopter, valuable objects of the age shows the connection between man and water.
Esztergom Grill Terasz
Address: 2500 Esztergom, Simor János ut 46.
Phone: 33/417-354
Fax: 33/311-475
Open: non-stop
baby friendlyWine tourismFood ticketliving accomodationGarden placeKitchenDogs allowedHungarian cousineInternation cousinedebit/credit cardBarAir-conditioningEvent managementBeer pubTelephone
TelevisionPierHorse-ridingTourDance, music
Kettőspince Apartmanház
Address: 2500 Esztergom, Kettőspince sor 1
Phone: (+36) 30-517-3462
Open: egész évben
Helytörténeti Kovács és Ásványkiállítás
Address: 2475 Kápolnásnyék, Gárdonyi u.13.
Phone: 20/425-275
Open: előzetes bejelentkezés
Services: Historical collection of Kápolnásnyék through memories of the past: a famous Hungarian poet, Vörösmarty Mihály’s relations to this place, fishing equipments and the fauna of the pond Velence and ethnographic inheritance. Blacksmith museum. Forge from the beginning of the 20th century original smith tools. Collection of minerals where you can see a wide range of minerals, fossils and the mining finds.
Dr. Juba Ferenc Tengerészeti Kiállítás
Address: 2900 Komárom, Szabadság tér 1.
Phone: 34/541-340, 20/669-3556
Open: K-V: 10.00-16.00
Hordó Panzió és Étterem
Address: 2901 Komárom, Táncsics M. 34-36.
Phone: 34/343-328
Open: V-Cs:11.00-22.00, P-Sz:11.00-23.00
A kupon nyomtatásához kattintson ide
Services: The boarding house and restaurant Hordó lies at the entrance of the thermal spa. Besides home made meals we offer different sorts of draught beers and our own wines as well. The boarding house and the spa / camping site are directly interconnected. Holiday cheques and food vouchers are accepted.
Wine tourismFood ticketHalf boardRoom with bathGarden placeHungarian cousineNon-smokingBreakfastHoliday chequedebit/credit cardInternetAir-conditioningEvent managementPrivate parking facilityBeer pub
SaunaTelevisionMedicinal waterSwimming pool
Klapka György Múzeum
Address: 2901 Komárom, kelemen László u.22.
Phone: 34/344-697
Open: K.-V.:10-16.00
Monostori Erod Hadkultúra Központ KHT
Address: 2900 Komárom, Dunapart 1.
Phone: 34/540-582
Fax: 34/540-583
Open: K-V:9.00-17.00; H:szünnap
Services: The Fortress of Monostor, the biggest fortress in Central-Europe welcomes its visitors. Museum services: exhibition on military history, bread museum, guided and individual tour in the fortress. Programme and conference rooms are to hire.
Conference roomDogs allowedFor wheelchairWater-side ... mWinecellarPlaying groundBicycle storage placePrivate parking facilityBeer pub
Bozóky Pincészet és Bormúzeum
Address: 8060 Mór, 8060,Pince u. 18-22.
Phone: 22/407-797,30/969-5789,30/927-8578,Fax:22/562-069
Open: Egyeztetés szerint
A kupon nyomtatásához kattintson ide
Services: We await you in our 250 – 300 years old cellars. Visit our wine museum and wine cellars. Get to know our Swabian traditions. Taste our young as well as museums wines under professional guidance. Discover the region’s cuisine (catering for 50 – 70 people). Purchase from our special wine offer.
Wine tourismliving accomodationFor wheelchairWinecellarPrivate parking facility
Address: 2544 Neszmély, Dunapart
Majki Kamalduli Remeteség
Address: 2840 Oroszlány, Majkpuszta
Phone: 1/202-6254
Open: naponta 10.00-18.00
A kupon nyomtatásához kattintson ide
Services: Our guests can find tranquillity in the 8 cell houses of Europe’s uniquely intact Kamalduli Hermitage. This unique Baroque monument hides in the beautiful Vétes mountain’s forest in an ancient sacral place. It consists of 17 cell houses, a church tower and a convent building. The monument is surrounded by a big park.
baby friendlyRoom with bathKitchenFor wheelchairHoliday chequeFridgeBarbecueAnimal pattingTour
Oroszlányi Bányászati Múzeum
Address: 2841 Oroszlány, XX. akna
Phone: 34/704-179
Open: 04.01-10.31.Sze-V:10.00-18.00 11.01. Zárva
Services: This open-air industrial museum called “Mining Collection of Oroszlány” can be found in the outskirts of the town Oroszlány, near the Kamaldul monastery next to a little spot of woods. It is accessible by car both ways from the town Oroszlány and monastery. The buildings and equipments of this open-air museum show us the surface facilities of a modern colliery in their original state and function.
Private parking facility
Szlovák Tájház
Address: 2840 Oroszlány, Rákóczi út 78.
Phone: 34-360-795, 20/9186-280
Open: 04.01-10.31.:de.:09.00-12.00, du.:14.00-15.00 felv
Services: The living culture of our forefathers has been kept in the 160-year-old home museum of peasants in two rooms, a kitchen, a summer kitchen, cellar, stable, cowshed, pantry and barn, for exhibited material. This material demonstrates the clothing, any devices necessary for life, prayer books, song books, photos. In the landscape house having been kept for 20 years there is a regular cultural life, here will every August be organized the traditional Village Day, with workshops and activities introducing trades for children, presentation of popular customs /customs prior to Eastern, Christmas.../
Éva Vendégház
Address: 8191 Őskü, István u. 19.
Phone: 88/786-019, 20/249-3504,70/546-6547
Open: egész évben
A kupon nyomtatásához kattintson ide
Services: All my guests are welcome. Open during the whole year as the guests like! Home made bread and other delicious things can be baked in the yard’s outdoor oven. Lake Balaton only 10 minutes away. There is also a swimming pool in the garden and many other facilities for relaxation.
Dogs allowedHungarian cousineInternation cousineBreakfastPrivate garden poolCamping siteNo. of rooms/bedsFull boardHoliday chequeFridgeInternetBarbecuePrivate parking facilityTelephoneTelevision
Animal pattingBicycle for hireHorse-riding
Termal Camping Pápa
Address: 8500 Pápa, Várkert út 7.
Phone: 89/320-735
Fax: 89/320-735
Open: Éves
Hirdetés: Megtekintéshez kattintson ide!
Services: In the Thermal Camping Site of Pápa there are 204 numbered plots (each 100 square metres) separated by hedge. For the guests’ convenience each one has electricity-, cable television-, water- and sewage connection. Our further services are wlan, party room, washing and drying machines, lending of bicycles, modern washing and toilet facilities, colourful programmes for both young and old.
baby friendlyDogs allowedCamping siteFor wheelchairHoliday chequedebit/credit cardInternetPlaying groundBicycle storage placeBarbecueEvent managementPrivate parking facilityBeer pubTelephoneTelevision
Medicinal waterBicycle for hireHorse-ridingSwimming pool
Capári Lovasiskola
Address: 8330 Sümeg, Vároldal u. 5.
Phone: 87/550-087
Fax: 87/550-088
Open: egész évben
Services: This 300 year old stable building at the foot of the Castle of Sümeg awaits you throughout the year with different kinds of equestrian programmes according to the season. We arrange: equestrian camp for children in school vacation, school class excursions, horse riding tours, stagecoach riding. You can find here the Hussars’ Museum, Radetzky Academy, Pack Association of Sümeg and János Bottyán Equestrian Sports Association.
Wine tourismHalf boardliving accomodationRoom with bathGarden placeBreakfastWinecellarBarbecuePrivate parking facilityHorse-ridingTourHunting
Öreghegy Hotel
Address: 8330 Sümeg, 8330,Hóvirág utca, Posta cím:Pf.72
Phone: 87/350-501
Open: Egész évben
Services: You find our hotel in the town of Sümeg, on the northern part of Lake Balaton, 20 km away from the lake.From the terrace of our hotel you have the most beautiful view of the countryside towards the Castle of Sümeg. Lying next to the woods we await families with children and everyone wanting peace and quietness.
baby friendlyWine tourismHalf boardRoom with bathGarden placeDogs allowedHungarian cousineNon-smokingBreakfastFull boardHoliday chequedebit/credit cardWinecellarInternetBarbecue
MassagePrivate parking facilitySaunaTelevisionBilliard
Fejér Megyei Múzeumok (Szent István Király Múzeum)
Address: 8000 Székesfehérvár, Fő u. 6.
Phone: 22/315-583,
Fax: 22/311-734
Services: The outstanding pieces of its collection of more than one million established during its existence of 130 years are demonstrated by the museum on 10 exhibition places in Székesfehérvár and on 11 exhibition places in Fejér county, as well as in an archeological park, in an ethnographical house, at historical and literary memorial places and in the framework of an exhibition of fine arts.

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